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Consumer Products Safety Improvements Act of 2008 Certificate of Conformancein Accordance with 16 CFR 1110
Description of Information Requirement Horizon Naturals Product Information
1. Identification of Products Covered by this Certificate All Horizon Naturals products with Child Resistant Closures including, but not limited to, Enhance Multiple and Super Kid Chewable.
2. Citation to Each CPSC Product Safety Regulation for Products being Certified 16 CFR § 1700 (Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970)
3. Identification of the Importer or Domestic Manufacturer's Name, Full Mailing Address and Telephone Number Horizon Naturals, LLC
P.O. Box 434
Felton, CA 95018
Phone: 831-461-6326
4. Contact Information for the individual Maintaining Records of Test Results, including the Custodian's name, e-mail address, full mailing address and Telephone Number Gerald Frey
Van Blarcom Closures, Inc.
156 Sanford Street
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Phone: 718-855-3810
Email: jerryf@vbcpkg.com
5. Date and Place where the Product was Manufactured 11/2008 to present date, Scotts Valley, CA
6. Date and Place where the Product was Tested for Compliance 12/15/2008, Hightstown, NJ
7. Identification of any Third-Party Laboratory on whose Testing this Certificate Depends Including Name, Full Mailing Address, and Telephone Number of the Laboratory Perritt Laboratories, Inc.
145 So. Main Street,
Hightstown, NJ 08520,
Phone: 609-443-4848

Revised 9/29/2010

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